Zombie Zapper V2 Small Baton (24 inch)
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New Version 2.

The Zombie Zapper is the Main feature of the Zombie Management System.

This newly enhanced design is created with safety and longevity in mind.

Clear materials are used to keep the people involved safe while allowing maximum visibility and sound effects live.

Over 8+ hours of consistent use on one charge! (in Mode 1)

5 modes of operations. New Modes add more lighting effects

Mode 1. starts at bottom ring and moves to arc-reactor. then arcs one at a time in circle pattern.(most energy efficient)

Mode 2. Flashes all leds in random pattern and fires one arc at a time in random pattern.

Mode 3. No leds only fires all three arc's at the same time.

Mode 4. Flashes all leds in random pattern and fires all arcs at the same time. (least energy efficient)

Mode 5. Trickster mode. First press of fire button only does random leds (no arcs). Second press fires like mode 4

Built in charger.

Will charge from dead in about 12 hours without having to remove battery pack vs 4 hours on external rapid charger. 

All Gray construction.

No paint. Doesn't show scratches as much since gray is all the way through.

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Zombie Zapper V2 Small Baton (24 inch)

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